Trip to Gili Nanggu, Sudak, and Kedis West Lombok

Among the dozens of dyke in West Lombok, Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, Gili Kedis and 4 Gili Gili Tangkong is already a destination for tourists who come to Lombok. Though his name is still less famous of the trio in North Lombok Gili (Trawangan Meno Air), the earthen dyke not less beautiful, you know.
To achieve the fourth Gili we have to take route Mataram – Gerung – Sekotong – Port Tawun with a bali to gili island time of about 1 hour. Well of harbor tawun that we can cross over to the dyke. Tickets for the crossing to Gili Nanggu is 250 thousand rupiah / vessel to be filled maximum 6 people. For the trip to 4 Gili (Nanggu Sudak Kedis and Tangkong) we simply add to the cost of 50 thousand rupiah. At a cost of 300 thousand that we will be escorted to the Gili Nanggu, Sudak, then Kedis, while Gili Tangkong, it is optional , depending on our desires, whether to stop by or not.
The main purpose towards the earthen dyke of course is enjoying the underwater nature by way of snorkling. Tool rental tool we can snorkling in Port Tawun with the rates do not necessarily, why not necessarily? Yuph, because the cost depends clever pinternya we bargained for. Usually they offer a price of 50 thousand upward / package (full tool: buoys, fins, snorkel and mask), well this is where our ability to bargain tested. If you can get 25 thousand / package was really great dah tuh ability to bid, might be able to show the face pitifully : p
It did not take long to cross, half an hour is enough to be able to get to Gili Nanggu. Shortly before the ship docked, we will be treated to incredible views, pristine white sand and crystal clear sea water with its dazzling shades of, well, too bad if it does not immortalize this moment, alias required to be photographed:
Gili Nanggu there exists some that we can use for free, many trees in this dyke, making the atmosphere cool breeze Gili moreover, comfortable. Oia forget, now there are officers who attract levy five thousand rupiah / person that goes to Gili Nanggu (first not there, around the beginning of 2011). Amenities in Gili Nanggu is complete, you know:
  1. Berugak to relax
  2. Toilet + Space Switch ( free ) with brackish water, but unfortunately in my opinion, the location is too far from the spot of snorkling.
  3. Lodging. There’s only one specialty here, with a rate of 250 thousand (no air conditioning, no fresh water, fresh water if you want to be out of the room and into the bathroom provided), and 350 thousand with AC + Toilet Freshwater personal. That fare for a day with a maximum number of people 3 / rooms and free breakfast just for 2 person / room (July 2012). There is also his restaurant for lunch and dinner.
  4. Lots of trash, so do not litter yaa.
  5. Swing
There are two locations in Gili Nanggu snorkling, which left the dock and to the right berugak berugak, but the most crowded is the right berugak berugak. No need too central to be able to find fish, just on the edge just been a lot of fish, but only the white, if you want to see colorful fish, should be somewhat towards the center.
In addition to snorkeling, usually many children boys playing football on the seaside, because it is rather wide, so they can freely play ball. There is also a swing from rope and wood that can be utilized. I have also seen a group of employees of a company being small piecemeal Bond Out here, by organizing games simple games, I think it’s good too, if developed, so the out bond locations. For those who love the road, you can also walk around the dyke.

If we’re satisfied with Gili Nanggu, we can continue our journey to Gili Sudak behind Gili Tangkong. Gili Gili Sudak is commonly called a stop, because usually only used as a stopover tourists who travel to Gili Nanggu. Gili Sudak used as a stopover because here there is a restaurant to the public, first when I first got to this dyke, there is only one restaurant, there are now two (July 2012). Photo following photo on Gili Sudak:

Once satisfied play in Gili Sudak, I went on a trip to Gili side, namely Gili Kedis, most small dyke between neighbors. In this dyke just a few trees in the middle of the building + small (less know what it is), the rocks, and surrounded by beautiful white sand.Incidentally when I was here yesterday, is receding so dyke is seen more as well as many colorful starfish lying. Pity too many starfish overheated without submerged in sea water until they roll up his sleeves, may be their way to reduce heat / evaporation body.I came, save them … one single, and into rather deep puddle. * starfish. These are photos gorgeous photos in Gili Kedis, Lombok:


“Bali was beauty”. Who does not know the beauty of the island? As an island paradise, there is no place that is not interesting in Bali. TripAdvisor crowned tourist icon Indonesia as the island’s most popular in Asia. Bali is not just serving the beach and the sun, but the island is predominantly Hindu is a harmonious blend of human life, culture and nature of Indonesia.


Nusa Lembongan

As we know, around Bali there are many small islands whose beauty still eleven, twelve to Bali, one of which is called regular or Lembongan Island Nusa Lembongan by the local community. Nusa Lembongan is located in the southeast of Bali and access to it can only be reached by boat. Beach Sanur or Tanjung Benoa we can ride only public boat that departs in the morning. The ride can be reached within 30 minutes allowing visitors to travel home day without needing to stay in Lembongan.

Nusa Lembongan is a small island just +/- 4.5 Km in length and no larger than 1.5 Km. The main livelihood of scoot fast cruises the population are Seaweed Farmers and others working in the tourism sector. Public transportation commonly used by the people of Nusa Lembongan is bicycles and motorcycles, and has only recently available public transportation that looks similar to a tuktuk in Thailand. Cycling explore this beautiful little island seems too time-consuming and energy draining because, although paved, the streets up and down. Since I am also less intelligent drive a motorcycle, then rather than risk I decided to charter public transportation only.


Image result for mangrove forest lembongan

Mangrove Forest
The first activity we did in this cute island is exploring the Mangrove Forest. By hiring our traditional canoe up a river reddish brown. The ambiance of mangroves is very quiet, only the sound of gurgling water from a bamboo paddle pedaled by the “Master” Our Fathers were friendly and talkative. plus a gentle breeze, and the occasional sound of birds chirping, making our already saturated by the city noise as if hypnotized by the silence of the beautiful natural and pollution-free. Thankful we use the services of a local fisherman to accompany and assist paddling the canoe, all bend in the mangroves seem the same, right-left only visible mangroves were more than 5m. Imagine if you try paddling a canoe alone without the company of local residents, the address will be lost in the mangrove forest has an area of 230 hectares, and according to the “Master” we, tourists who got lost in the Mangrove Forest already innumerable but fortunately everything was still to be found despite No one should to take days.

After enjoying the atmosphere of the mangrove forest, we continued with snorkeling. There are several points snorkeling in Nusa Lembongan, and we chose the Mangrove Forest Point, not far from the mangrove forests that we explore, point snorkeling besides water is clear and calm, here too there are many beautiful coral reefs and many species of ornamental fish such as fish Blue Tang who rise through the film Finding Dory. Too bad this snorkeling activity can not last long, the tidal flow of water has been sucked out of the mangroves that sea water was clear immediately turns into a murky brown. Because lay with the sea conditions, we become less efficient scheduling. Snorkeling supposed to do before travel to the Mangrove Forest. Although a little disappointed because he could not linger to enjoy underwater panorama Nusa Lembongan stunning, but the disappointment was soon replaced his passion for exploring other beautiful places.




Benefits Cucumber for Beauty

Cucumber, or also commonly known as cucumber, pumpkin classified into tribal-.The Latin name of the cucumber is Cucumis sativus L . Although labeled fruit, but in fact the cucumber is often consumed as a vegetable. Cucumber plants growing in a way vines and classified as secondary crops because after flowering and fruiting, cucumber plants will die. Cucumber has a high water content. No wonder then that many who use it as a good refresher fruit to nourish the kidneys. In addition to nutritious for health, it turns out the benefits of cucumber for beauty is also quite diverse! Here are some benefits of cucumber for beauty:
Benefits Cucumber for Beauty

  • Repellent Eye Panda

One of the benefits of cucumber for beauty is the most popular repel tired eyes also dark circles around the eyes. The trick is quite simple, you only need two thin slices of fresh cucumber taped to the eye. Let stand for 15 minutes. Repeat this step every day until you see results. In addition to expel the panda eyes, cucumber slices can also be used to drive away acne. Is the same as the tired eyes, simply paste slices of cucumber for about 15 minutes until the acne disappeared. Special, acne who have gone would leave no trace!

  • nourishing Hair

Another benefit of the cucumber is nourish hair. By way of regularly consuming fresh cucumber, you will avoid the risk of baldness because of substances contained silica in cucumber serves to stimulate hair growth. The consumption of cucumbers in the form of juice is a good choice. Add ingredients such as carrots, lettuce, spinach or carrots so that the result is the maximum.

  • Skin Perfecting

The most important components for the beauty of the skin. Did you know that turned out to be beneficial for skin beauty cucumber? Fresh fruit is nutritious tightens the skin, making it smooth and fresh. How to use it very easy and practical. Simply apply cucumber twice daily as a facial mask. Could the crushed or sliced quite thin then affixed to the face. Cucumber contains substances such as manganese, magnesium, potassium, silica, vitamin A, B and C, as well as many others. The complexity of the substances contained in cucumber makes this one fruit is good for the skin.

  • healthful Nails

Benefits of cucumber to the other beauty is health care for fingernails.For those who demand excellence, nail appearance is also a thing that should never be overlooked. Although trivial, but it turns nail care require a special fee. But do not worry, you can cut those costs by means of regularly eat cucumbers because it can make your nails healthy and away from the condition cracked.

  • Caring Dental Also Gums

Another thing that must be considered for the perfection of the display is also gums teeth. It feels beautiful skin will not make you look good if your teeth are not maintained. One of the most inexpensive steps to care for healthy teeth and gums is routine mengkonsusmsi cucumber juice.The fruit is known to stimulate the production of saliva thus also acidic alkaline conditions in the oral cavity can be much more balanced.Various benefits of cucumber for beauty surely make you fall in love with the fruit growing vegetables this one. Happy shopping cucumber yes!

The time is right for doing the right Umrah

Time Right To Umrah About the time is right for Umrah, check first whether the weather in Mecca and Medina was summer or winter being. Because it will greatly affect the equipment that must be taken. The location is largely a desert, so the weather can be extreme heat and extreme cold with very noticeable temperature difference between day and night. The level of humidity is very low.

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Hasil gambar untuk Pakaian yang baik digunakan saat umroh

Months from March to May is the most convenient time for the Umrah. In these months commencing air temperature comfortable for worship for us who live in Indonesia.

For the city of Mecca when yesterday I did Umrah, the information screen on the wall opposite the Haram Zamzam Tower, daytime temperatures ranging from 34-35 degrees Celsius and at night around 22-25 degrees Celsius. Wind gusts also add the cold desert night, especially after ablutions. My body was shivering when stopped by evening prayers in mid-travel from Jeddah to Madinah.

June to October is the month of the summer, daytime temperatures can reach 51-55 degrees Celsius. In this hot weather, according to the tour guide usually schools will be closed. Prepare several small towel to moistened with water, to be put on the head reduces dehydration. Some people experience bleeding from the nose / nosebleeds because it is dry. An umbrella or a hat can be used when doing a pilgrimage around the city.

November to February is the month of the winter, temperatures can reach 2-8 degrees Celsius at night. Even in the area of Tabuk, was snowing.

Supplies Umrah recommended not to bring too many personal items in order for our worship to feel comfortable and do not need to be bothered weighing suitcase / luggage. During the return, you are definitely going to buy some kind of gift that automatically require an empty storage space and zam-zam water is quite heavy. Supplies should be taken so I grouped into three sections, namely:

Supplies Ready to use in the Body
Flip-flops. Either male or female, just use flip-flops / sandals. Can be used from departure to return. That sounds kind of flip flops are sold in drugstores, or branded flip flops outside. Whatever sandals, which is important at the foot comfortable. Avoid sandals that cover the ankle. One is enough. At the time of tawaf and sai not use sandals, except for women to use socks.

Waist bag. Can be used to store to store passport, wallet, money, mobile phones and pocket cameras. Prepare 2-3 sheets of paper and a pen to take notes. For example noted hotel rooms and the name of a place to stay, a place to meet with the group, where to eat, show a pilgrimage with the group. Waist bag can be worn during prayer, for the safety of people who are not responsible.

Telephone. For savings, use GSM card provider that offers special International Roaming rates Umrah. Usually divided into two roaming tariff, namely Phone Roaming and Data Roaming.

Roaming Phone is the rate charged for making calls and receiving calls, including SMS.
Data Roaming is the rate charged to connect to the Internet / GPRS via the browser on the phone or data access for SmartPhone users such as Android, BlackBerry and Tablet.

I suggest do not need to activate the feature when Data Roaming is not important. Remember Worship Umrah are the main ones, not for status updates via social media such as Facebook / Twitter / Foursquare / Path / Instagram or Blackberry. You will be bothered by the amount of the deposit mention prayer of your friends and souvenirs typical of the Holy Land of course

For details may be checked at each website operator / GSM providers in the country. Or see the comparison roaming charges between operators for the convenience of communication during Umrah please.

Best Android Apps Coloring Pictures For Kids

Smartphone or Tablet Android is not just for adults, but young children are also allowed to use it as a medium of learning fun and enjoyable. But it must also be no supervision of the Parent. As parents, of course, we have to understand in choosing an application – an application for use by young children.


Smartphone can be a learning tool for children is good and right. The problem with smartphones, growth and development of children is also faster because it seemed better and more fun than any other medium. One of the simplest examples is drawing.

Application Drawing For Children

In general, most small children drawing on paper media with the help of stationery such as pencil, eraser, pencil colors, brushes, and more. But I think it is very troublesome and is quite wasteful. Why? Because once depleted the paper should buy a new one.

Well, the media Smartphone, small children can be helped to develop the creativity, especially in the drawing. Google Play Store provides many apps specifically for kids – children like to draw, learning to count, learning to memorize, and more.

Application List Coloring Pictures For Young Children
On this occasion I will share the List of the Best Android Apps Coloring Pictures For Children. Applications that I review this I took directly from the Google Play Store, which most Android users to install and use. The following applications can be the best way to improve tumbul development of children, especially in terms of coloring. Check out reviews / review the following brief.

1. PicsArt Kids – Learn to Draw
Drawing application for the first child named PicsArt Kids – Learn to Draw. With Kids PicsArt application of a child can begin to hone creativity simply by drawing something that is simple. Besides drawing, small children can also color the picture with a particular choice to make it more colorful and better. With the application PicsArt Kids, is expected to enhance children’s creativity from an early age.

Besides drawing, a child can also choose the beautiful pictures online via templates – the templates provided. PicsArt Kids is very easy to play so it does not make the child confused and difficulty. Interested in trying, Download PicsArt Kids through the Google Play Store.

2. Kids Paintings Coloring Book
Kids Paintings Coloring Book Free is an Android application which goes to Children – Young children as a basis to exploit their creativity in the arts, especially drawing and coloring. As parents of course you want that the child can express their thoughts and feelings as much as they want.

Aside from being an application Drawing, Kids Paintings Coloring Book also features Automatic magic coloring pens and Twinkling appear unique and cool. Want to try ?, a free download via Google Play Store.

3. Toddler Coloring Book Free
Toddler Coloring Book Free is an Android application to draw and color specifically for children aged 2 years and children – children. With the Toddler Coloring Book Free Application, parents can terbantukan children hone skills in art, especially drawing and coloring. This application is very easy and simple, so as not to confuse the toddler itself.

Parents do not have to worry about problems the ads that appear, because this application is free of ads. Interested in trying Toddler Coloring Book Free, a free download from Google Play Store.
Download Toddler Coloring Book Free Via Google Play Store

4. Kids Doodle – Color & Draw
Doodle Kids is an application drawing and coloring for children – children who are super unique and cool. This application is very Powerful in a matter of drawing, Developers provides a wide selection of interesting brushes to be used as a light, rainbow, crayon, spray, ribbon, various brush, and others. There are about 24 different brushes which can be used by children to draw the character in the media.

This application is suitable for children age 4, 6, or 8 years. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

5. Drawing for Kids & Toddlers!
Actually Drawing for Kids & Toddlers! Is a drawing game for children – small children. This application is not focused on drawing, but focused on games children – children. But the app is also attractive because it can improve the development of the child to be more creative and imaginative thinking in positive terms. With Drawing for Kids & Toddlers !, children – children can start to learn to make a cute and unique character.

The main features of the application Drawing for Kids & Toddlers! Is available in more than 30 characters draw to draw, More than 100 fun animations and sound, simple interface that is so impressive, develop creativity, the graphics are amazing for kids, Parental control, there is no third-party ads, and more.

6. Lets Draw With Kids
Lets Draw with Kids is a drawing application for children who are able to develop the capacity and intelligence of children. With this application, children can terbantukan in terms of drawing. There are steps – specific steps from zero to so that is certainly a very easy and simple. Child – children can draw animals – wild animals as simple as fish, birds, and even insects: beetles, bees, spiders, and other favorite characters from fairy tales and children’s cartoons.

With the application Lets Draw with Kids expected to increase children’s creativity in the world of digital art as well as drawing. Interested in trying, a free download via Google Play Store.

7. Color Kids : Disney Colouring
The next picture coloring app called Color kids: Disney Colouring. With the application of Color kids, children – children can begin to try to develop their creativity in the world of digital art. The application grows in time, so that you can update it at any time you wish. Wait for the latest updates on existing features later. Interested in trying Color kids, a free download via Google Play Store.

8. Coloring For Kids
Last coloring apps that I can recommend is Coloring for Kids. With this application, the child is expected to start trying to learn digital art in terms of drawing and coloring.

There are 11 favorite theme, from animals to girls, more than 220 pages to color and play, A variety of color choices for each of the themes, tools awesome including brushes, polish, and patterns, Stickers cute to decorate painting your child, Diverse special photo frame for a special joy, navigation is easy to use, and more. Interested in trying, Download free via Google Play Store.

With the drawing application for children, parents are expected to be able to steer a child in order to get the thing – a positive thing. Although the application above is pretty safe, but parents, too, need to monitor. All the above applications you can install on all android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Lenovo, Asus Zenfone, Xiomi, Smarfreen Andromax, HTC, LG, Motorola, Vivo, Sony Experia, Meizu, and others.

Umrah Travel Tips for Choosing the Best 2

As I have mentioned before that the fleeting public interest to do the pilgrimage is increasing because the waiting list for a long run hajj. These conditions make more and more travel or Umrah well established agency that has had formal legality or not. Such illegal Umrah Travel are more numerous in the area, where people are still having trouble accessing the information clearly. When in fact harga umrah ramadhan the licenses from the Ministry of Religion is not too difficult.

Image result for umroh

Another option that can be done by the travel that has not pocketed a formal legality is cooperating with the travel who already have these permissions. Umrah package rates between travel companies with one another is different, but to get the standard service, at least every Umrah pilgrims have to spend around $ 1400, or about 19 million depending on the dollar exchange rate. If less than that you should be aware that the companies concerned may not take no profit at all.

To avoid travel umroh rogue which is intended to embezzle funds or profiting excessively from clients following is a guide to choosing the bureau Umrah from the Ministry of Religious. In choosing the bureau Umrah, apply the principle of Lima Definitely Umra, ie Licensed travel Definitely, definitely schedule, The flight Definitely, Definitely Her hotel, Dana Definitely His visa.This is the detail of these principles:


  1. Definitely travel unlicensed

The first step you should do before deciding to take on a certain umrah packages Umrah travel agency is to ensure that the company has a license or formal legality of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia as PPIU (Organizer Worship Umrah trip). If not you should not take the risk to partner with the company. To check the legality of the company you can visit the official website of the ministry of religion and see if the company you seek service providers who have registered with MORA as PPIU.

  1. definitely schedule

Travel Umrah best and reliable will be able to give the date and day of departure Umrah and not only the range of the month only. This is because each service provider has obtained the visa quota for each schedule.

  1. definitely flight

The third is to make sure the airline used as your transport, including flights that take you to the holy land is a direct route (direct), or should transit in certain countries.

  1. definitely his hotel

Next is checking accommodation or stay in the holy land. Carefully check the name of the hotel you will use, the location of the hotel, and the distance between the hotel to the mosque (Mosque Nabawi or Haram). Also make sure that the hotels are indeed rated as promoted on Umrah package of your choice.

  1. definitely visa

The final guidance for you to choose the Hajj and Umrah travel is the most appropriate to reconfirm your Umrah visa. Therefore confirm to you PPUI or bureau Umrah visa issued by the Saudi government.

Foresight and wisdom in choosing the right travel agency umra can be the key to success and comfort in worship. Therefore, make sure only partner with companies travel Umrah and has an official the legality of the department of religion. Again, do not be tempted by sale Umrah package affordable, especially if the condition is weakening rupiah against the US dollar. It could be the only strategy from rogue travel companies who just want to take advantage of you. Hopefully useful and can add insight.

Tips Before Going Umroh Part 6

D. Tips For Not Lost. 

  1. Do not travel alone, and do not forget to wear a uniform characteristic or Umrah of travel Indonesia lost when we could easily be found;
  2. Do not forget to bring a map or a number of hotels, so if we get lost easily ask the clerk;
  3. Already arrived at the mosque at least half an hour before the time of prayer;
  4. Given the number or name of the entrance;
  5. Bring a bag to store footwear or umbrella. The bag you take the time to pray;
  6. Before entering the mosque, made an appointment in advance with your friends where to meet if you want to go home together;
  7. Do not forget to make an appointment time did you meet up with these friends;
  8. A gathering place could be a sign of a flag that is easily seen from a distance;
  9. Creating a unique group identity, could sling, slayer, or ribbon.

Image result for umroh

F. Tips Dressed.

Some suggestions are important to umrah desember  note by female worshipers are:

  1. Wearing ihram clothes were covered by clothing, not tight, and invisibility;
  2. Wearing socks is not transparent;
  3. Using the hand cuffs to help closing the genitalia;
  4. If Umroh coincides with the winter, you should use in tight clothing such as long-sleeved shirts and long pants to ward off cold air;
  5. Use a panty liner (nappies women) to help you if exposed to unclean, that is to dispose of (disposable);
  6. While in the elevator, either in the apartment or the mall, keep in groups;
  7. Do not be easily tempted if there are Arabs who praise or seduce! Beware of strangers;
  8. Do not bring jewelry or money is too much time to go to the Haram;
  9. Do not dress too. Therefore, it may invite crime.


G. Health Tips.

  1. increase sport, especially run. By running, the leg muscles will not tire easily. Very healthy leg muscles helps the implementation of pilgrimage, worship activities because it requires conditions that fit the leg muscles;
  2. Reduce activities that are not essential to save energy;
  3. Set a healthy diet and nutritious! Drinking milk or other vitamin drinks;
  4. Adequate rest, lest your condition is not prime;
  5. Prepare drugs commonly needed while in the country, such as:
    1. Antibiotik: amoxilin 500 mg, ciprofloxacin, cefadroxil, dan primadex;
    2. Fever: paracetamol, sanmol;
    3. Anti-pain: antalgin, mefenamic acid, Ponstan, mefinal, and Panadol;
    4. Anti vomiting: Antimo, primperan;
    5. Anti-allergy: dextamin, CTM, or dexamethasone;
    6. Cholesterol drugs: simvastatin;
    7. Drug gout: allopurinol;
    8. Eye drops: Visine, cendoxitrol, erlamycetine, sagestam, and allerol;
    9. Liniment: eucalyptus oil, kiwifruit, Rheumason, counterpain, etc;
    10. Drug wounds: betadine.
    11. Bring a special medication that you normally need, especially drugs that are not provided by the clerk.

Benefits of Drinking Water Lemon Body 2

Diuretics natural (increases urine production):
Drinking lemon juice can prevent urinary tract infections. Lemon juice can be a natural diuretic, which will increase the desire to urinate so that the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections can be wasted. Lemon juice is also good for preventing and treating kidney stones. Sitrat acid content prevents the formation of stones to destroy it. Kidney stone patients can drink lemon water 3-4 times a day for better results.
benefits of drinking lemon water for the body

The benefits of drinking warm lemon juice

Drinking warm lemon water has many health benefits provide outstanding as below. Digestion Digestion both play an important role in overall health. Health complications can be caused by poor digestion.

For digestion, the benefits of drinking warm lemon water in the morning is a simple natural remedy to treat digestive problems. Start your day with warm lemon water to drink on an empty stomach every day. This is a healthy morning drink.
Drinking warm lemon water every morning to provide benefits in terms of treating digestive problems such as bloating, belching, heartburn, etc. treat constipation by assisting in removing dirt. Many intestinal disorders because of poor levels of pH and lemon water helps restore the pH level and helps in digestion.
Boost Immune System
The immune system fight disease duty to protect our bodies. A weakened immune system making the body vulnerable to disease and infection.
Drinking warm water mixed with lemon juice will form a strong immune system to fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses that cause disease and infection. The antioxidant content helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

The benefits of drinking lemon water for beauty and skin

Drinking lemon water provides many benefits for the beauty of the face and skin health. Segelar drinking lemon water or lemonade every day help heal skin problems. High amounts of vitamin C in lemons eliminate free radicals that are responsible for causing wrinkles and aging.
The benefits of drinking lemon water to the face and acne
Vitamin C in is also useful to heal damaged tissue, lightens dark spots, prevent acne and blemishes and help in reducing the damage caused by the sun. The intake of lemon water will make your skin smooth glow.
Water Lemon for healthy hair
In addition to maintaining skin health benefits of drinking lemon water is also good for hair health. Vitamin C in the lemon helps in treating and preventing hair problems such as split ends, dry hair and dandruff etc.The content of antibacterial against bad bacteria, thus preventing some scalp problems.

Organizing Tips Living Room Furniture Minimalist Yang Dressage

Organize your living room will be very exciting course, if supported with adequate furniture and supports the concept that will be created. be aware that every guest room should have seating, tables and other furniture that will support can function as room accessories.

how to organize an elegant living room is right

The first discussion was about seat selection. In general, the people of Indonesia will use the seat as a seat, whether the seat sofa or chair that type of wood. But there is also the concept of minimalist living room that uses Lesbian theme to make the room look different while providing broader impression.

One example is the application of the concept of Japanese-style living area which will definitely highlight the kind of concept living room Lesbian. Actually, not only Japan but for the residents of the Middle East Lesbian culture is more often used. For that you can be free to be creative to determine the type of seat that will be used.

The second consideration is the table for the living room that will be used to put a variety of foods or drinks that would be served to guests. Some of the options that can be used countertop material is made of glass, wood or natural rock. Glass table is very often used for the living room with a minimalist and modern concept.

For clear glass will provide a broader view so it is appropriate for the narrow room, in addition to the desk of the glass is easier to maintain, only need to watch out in case of collision because the glass is easy to crack or even burst. Therefore, we recommend you choose the type of glass table size is thicker so that later can be more robust and not easily broken.

In addition to a glass table, there is also a kind of wooden tables are very suitable for the living room with a classic concept. Wood is much more durable, sturdy, especially if made of teak wood, the price is a little expensive to make some people reluctant to buy them so that those of you who have it would seem more exclusive and special.

The latter is a table with rock material, can be a stone marble, granite and so on. Type table made from natural rock is very unique and high artistic value, the price is varied there are quite affordable but some are really expensive, so you can better adjust their election budget you have.

Thus is a review of the decor minimalist living room hopefully can provide useful information for you.

Holiday in Lombok? Try Sailing Day Pink Beach flights

Sailing day to Pink Beach in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) could be an option to fill the holiday long weekend this week.

Not only can you enjoy the beach with pink sand. Gili cat fast boat Travellers can also stop at Sand Island, swimming in Pink Beach 2 and 3 and snorkeling in a bowl Beach, Gili Petelu and Tanjung calamari to enjoy the beauty of ‘underwater parks’.

Pink Beach Jerowaru located in the District, East Lombok, NTB. To reach this location, tourists can rent a boat from the Port of Tanjung Luar, Lombok Timur.

The cost to hire boats ranging from Rp 500,000 to Rp 650,000 per day. The trip from the Port of Tanjung Affairs to the location of Pink Beach taken about an hour’s drive.

Try to come early in order to enjoy all the existing locations. During a trip on a boat, tourists will not be bored because they can enjoy the beauty of hidden beaches and cliffs solid along the coast of East Lombok.

Sights like this certainly can not be enjoyed if we traveled through the land. We can stop at several beautiful beaches there. Pink Beach by the local people called by the name of Tangsi beach.

This beach is visited more by tourists because unique in that sand pink charming. According to local residents, the pink color of the sand comes from coral reefs eroded red.

Gili Peter, merupakan Salah Zat’tu tempat untuk snorkeling
If sand beach in the sun, the color pink on this beach will be lit up. In this area there are three beach pink. Pink Beach 1 is a favorite location and has been visited by tourists.
While Pink Beach 2 and 3, rarely visited by tourists. Here we can feel the sensation of having a private beach.

Only access to the pink beaches 2 and 3 are still limited. The only way to this location by boat.

Gili Peter

Selain Pantai Pink, perjalanan dilanjutkan ke Gili Peter. Gili Peter menjadi primadona par wisatawan Yang senang menikmati dunia bawah laut. Banyak wisatawan mancanegara Dan domestik datang ke lokasi certain untuk menikmati taman bawah lautnya.

When the tide is low and the waves began to calm, is a good time to snorkel and swim with a variety of fish and enjoy the colorful coral reefs.

If lucky we can meet with the clown fish, the main character from the cartoon “Nemo”. The more to the middle, the more clear sea water with unspoiled coral reefs.

When the sea water was receding, the scene below the ocean can be enjoyed by tourists from the boat. It was like being on top of a giant aquarium with a variety of fish and coral below.

No need to bring equipment snorkeling because of boat owners also rent equipment snorkeling and buoys. According Wak Badar one of the local fishermen, besides Gili Petelu other suitable locations for snorkeling is Tanjung calamari and a bowl Beach.

Sand Island in the waters of East Lombok appears only at low tide
sand Island
Once satisfied greet coral reefs and colorful fish, closed with a stopover trip to Sand Island. So called because the island is only made up of sand. The island is only visible when the sea began to recede.

During high tide, the sand island will sink and not visible on the surface. This location is one of the favorite of tourists to take pictures.

Sand corrugated like the deserts adds to this island. Besides sand, tourists can also meet with various types of starfish.